ASCGO Super-Skalper Belt Cleaner

Tackle The Toughest Bulk Material Handling Applications

The Super-Skalper® conveyor belt pre-cleaner can tackle the toughest bulk material handling applications. The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically found in below and above ground mining.

Super-Skalper® Belt Cleaner Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Performance – of our patented Super-Skalper® BladeSuper design maintains an effective cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade with its unique horizontal sipes/wear-grooves across the entire width of the blade cleaning edge and by the use of the arc-shaped back side of the blade to ensure a sharp cleaning edge.
  • E-Z Torque® Tensioner – (lifetime warranty) patented – made of all 304 stainless steel mounting plates, collars and springs allows the blades to self adjust throughout the entire life of the blade and is the most robust and accurate belt cleaner tensioner in the industry.
  • Blade-Wear Indicator – allows you to monitor blade wear easily without having to shut the system down for inspection.
  • Torque Spring – provides a greater degree of tensioning per inch of blade, verses compression springs which require more tensioning adjustment for the life of the blade.
  • Rubber Corrugated Dust Covers and UHMW Bushings –ensures no build-up in the spring tensioning area and provides smooth non-binding tensioning.
  • Quick-Change Blade – stainless steel pin blade change-out system, one-minute, no-tool.
  • Optional – Ceramic (XC) blade available for high speed tonnage conveyor systems operation.
  • Easily Maintained – and tensioned from one side of the conveyor.
  • MSHA Accepted – #MSHA IC – 174/1

Blade Angle

A flat pulley surface side of the blade ensures a sharp point contact and material clearance.

  • More Aggressive
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Less Abrasion Between Blade and Belt
  • Less Chance of Blade Feathering

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Belt Speed – 1200 fpm (6.0 m/sec)
  • Pulley Diameter – 20″ + (400mm+)
  • Application – Underground Mining, Hard Rock Mining, Metals (copper/gold) Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals, Coal Fired Power Plants,
    Coal Preparation Plants

E-Z Torque

  • Simple and Accurate
  • Superior Elasticity
  • Excellent for worn belts
  • Stainless steel pin with lanyard
    for easy change-out
  • Single hand tensioner
  • Torque wrench adaptor supplied
    to get accurate torque tension.
  • 100% Lifetime warranty
  • US Patent Number 5,992614