AtlastaSeal Skirt Rubber

AtlastaSeal Overview

AtlastaSeal is a rubber skirt seal that hangs above the belt, using the weight of material that drops onto the inside slope of the skirt to create the seal. When the load comes off the belt, the seal is lifted, preventing unnecessary wear on the belt and on the skirt.

AtlastaSeal is suitable for any conveyor system.

AtlastaSeal is ideal for conveyor systems with:

  • Side spillage
  • Transfer point spillage

Features & Benefits

  • 65-75 durometer EPDM rubber
  • Designed to fit as part of chute wall and float on belt
  • With no load on the belt, it hangs free
  • Enhanced sealing with simplicity slider bar
  • Cut to customer’s specified length
  • Zero maintenance


  • Temperature range: -40 to 107 degrees celsius continuous, +121 degrees celsius short-term
  • Material: Black EPDM rubber – excellent resistance to ozone, UV & weather
  • Hardness 65 – 75 Shore A
  • Average coefficient of friction: 0.38 (16 belt samples used)
  • Approximate weight: 7.5kg per metre
  • Maximum structure thickness: 12mm
  • Supplied in continuous lengths of up to 100 metres

Can We Help?

We would like to offer you a free site survey with a report and recommendations. We offer a pro rata payment plan where if you accept our recommendation you only pay the full price when we achieve our promised results.

We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.