Ultraclad Conveyor Belt Skirt Boards

Ultraclad Skirt Board Overview

Ultraclad 800 us a chromium carbide rich alloy with outstanding wear-resistant properties. It is available in 3 grades:

  • General purpose wear resistant (Ultraclad 801)
  • Corrosion / abrasion resistant (Ultraclad 802)
  • Heat / corrosion / abrasion resistant (Ultraclad 803)

Our Ultraclad 800 skirt boards can be used to contain product at transfer points or to contain material on long belts that are subject to surges and may be overloaded for short periods of time.

Ultraclad skirt boards can be used in the most difficult and taxing situations and have been used on:

  • Coke belts
  • Copper ore belts
  • High volume coal belts

Ultraclad skirt boards are problem solvers and will give extended, trouble-free service.

The Value of Ultraclad Skirt Boards

Ultraclad skirt boards can dramatically increase the life of your conveyor system. One such example is Chuqicomata Mine in Chile where Ultraclad skirt boards were installed on a 1.6m conveyor. The life increased from 4 million tonnes to 52 million tonnes.

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