RC Polyurethane Primary Belt Cleaner

RC Polyurethane Primary Belt Cleaner

Clog-free & Low Maintenance

A heavy-duty primary cleaner that is belt-friendly and will run with metal fasteners.

The rapid change blade system makes changing the blade quick and easy (the record is 8 seconds to change).

Heavy-duty torsion blocks are available and provide constant pressure on the blades, which react individually to any unevenness on the belt surface.

T-Type Primary Belt Cleaner Features & Benefits

  • Multi-blades with individual suspension – no material missed & easier to maintain
  • 4 blade options (polyurethane, tungsten carbide, boron carbide & industrial diamond impregnated blades)- ensuring the right blade for the right application to maximise the life of the blade
  • Up to 2 years blade life – reduce replacement costs by up to 80%
  • Operates in either direction – ideal for reversing belts
  • Easily accessible to monitor and inspect – minimises downtime & maximising operational efficiency
  • Long periods between maintenance – minimising maintenance costs & reducing man hours
  • Returns carryback material to main flow – minimises spillages & clean-up time
  • Self-adjusting with 3 options – Torsion tube, Air module, Torsion bush.

The Essential Role of Primary Belt Cleaners in Conveyor System Efficiency



In the world of material handling, conveyor systems play a crucial role in transporting a wide range of materials in industries such as recycling, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. The efficiency and reliability of these systems are paramount, and one often overlooked component that plays a significant role in maintaining these systems is the primary belt cleaner.

The Halo Hoverdale Automated Linked Technology represents the pinnacle of conveyor belt cleaning innovation, providing a fully automated and interconnected solution for material handling challenges.

Hoverdale Primary Belt Cleaners – Made in Britain

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