Scrape-Air Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Non-Contact Systems for Moist to Sticky Materials

Installed in the correct location, the Scrape-Air provides excellent cleaning performance with no belt wear. Because there is no mechanical contact with the belt, the Scrape-Air is ideal for damaged belts, chevron belts, sidewall belts and belts carrying chemically aggressive materials. Combined with its low maintenance requirements, the Scrape-Air’s flexibility makes it a highly effective and cost-efficient alternative to a ‘contact’ scraper.

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Scrape-Air Conveyor Belt Cleaner Features & Beneifts

  • Can be used on all belts as there is no mechanical contact – ideal for chevron belts
  • No belt wear! Ideal for cleaning wet and sticky applications
  • Maintenance free!
  • Self-contained air supply has less kilowatt requirements than other pneumatic systems – saves running costs
  • Suitable for dry, dusty materials with spray bar – minmising clean-up time & cost
  • Available with internal spray bar for dust suppression and additional cleaning
  • Available with bypass regulator to control delivered air volume – easy to control when there is a variation of material on the belt
  • Available as ‘closed-loop’ system with free standing, self-cleaning filter – minimises maintenance costs

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